giphy2OK! First off, let me start by saying the weather here is icky pants. It is +10C today and will be -5C tomorrow, so I am very achy and very medicated. I’m a bit jumbled in my wording, but not inaccurate, if that makes sense. My husband warned me about the weather this morning and told me even his hips were aching. πŸ˜”

OK. So, the other day I had mentioned how I was disappointed with the treatment I had received from the customer service at my marijuana distributor. Just to be absolutely clear, I wasn’t so much upset with the delay in getting the paperwork done, because I happened to peek online, and it was finished on Sunday night. But by the time I remembered to check, I’d had my sleeping pill, and it was kicking in. The issue I was upset with was the seeming lack of care the person had when I was speaking with her. What became a problem is I didn’t receive an email letting me know my order was ready to go, because if it was there Sunday evening, it was likely there since sometime Saturday, and I would have been further up the queue, however… I didn’t get to order until Monday evening because I needed my husband’s help, since I have trouble remembering what I am supposed to buy. This really is probably moot since they are pretty fast, though.

Anyway πŸ˜„ the impressive part is that one of the customer service team at Cannimed reached out to me after seeing my complaint on my blog and asked me about my experience, and I explained how I understand how professionals sometimes need to detach when dealing with chronic pain patients, but when we get that every day it feels like we are being blown off. That not receiving my email was a problem, I counted on that. He then returned my email and said he would follow up with the rep in a non disciplinary way (good!) and find out what their perspective is, which I think is awesome.

The reason this may sound innocuous as a customer service experience that I’m complaining about is because it’s not the standard I’m used to from them. Last week my husband needed the receipts for my expenditure for 2016, he didn’t even know if we could get them. I was sick, so he called. Boom! Less than 10 minutes, I had the email and a follow up call.

What other company Googles themselves so they can provide customer service? I received this email at 10 pm. EST. Maybe 7 or 8 their time? I can’t remember if they are…oh wait 9? They are in Saskatchewan, they shouldn’t have been in the office, anyway. I’m impressed all to heck. They have been super, so this, what seems normal from Walmart, is an aberration from them.

I think, if I can get it by Friday? I should have enough. But my doctor is saying vape at will! I don’t know how this will work.

Yesterday’s nap ended up being all that happened, but it was gorgeous and I loved it. Naps are only for very lucky people who deserve them very much. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

My husband has arranged with work to start at 9:00 instead of 7:30 so he can walk our son to school. At least he is getting there. Prayers welcome.

Let’s see what today brings…

Have a gorgeous day, Zebras! 😘

EDS and Chronic Exhaustion


Before I was diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, the doctors diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. There are many similarities. The pain and tenderness in the muscles and joints, and the chronic exhaustion.

There are a couple of ways the exhaustion exhibits itself. On a regular day, I may just be slightly tired. I can usually get through the day without a nap. I might be tired toward the end of the day, but I can hang in.

A bad pain day will often make me more tired, and require a nap. Sometimes, I need to sleep to escape the pain. It’s just that unbearable. Going to the hospital doesn’t work, as I’m treated as a drug seeker, and I am very afraid of catching a viral infection. I usually rely on what I have at home for breakthrough pain and relax as much as possible.

Insomnia will sometimes creep up and keep me awake, and I spend weeks trying to get back into the routine. Sometimes it’s wp-1484030291327.jpgeasier, sometimes it’s hard. I usually need to rely on sleeping pills to get back into rhythm, but it’s always a good idea. I take melatonin to help me stay asleep at night, but if I’m up past 11 pm, I find I’m up for a long time. Usually, I think it’s pain, keeping me up, but it could be stress, adrenaline, or the occasional panic attack.

There is an illness called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, where sufferers fall asleep for two to three weeks at a time and have a hard time being woken up. I joke I have a mild form of this, as every couple of months I sleep for nearly a week, just waking up to occasionally eat and use the washroom. I’ve done this for years.

If I go out to lunch or an event, I will definitely be napping when I return home. Doctor appointments, store, dentist, nap. The nap is usually as long as I spent out. Have to recuperate.

Yesterday, I decided to nap for an hour at 11. At noon I was going to get up at 3. I woke up at 6:45. I felt much better. Ready for more, though.

I’m sure my medication has a little bit to do with this. I have decreased the opioid to a third of what I was taking, so it’s better, but unfortunately I think it’s only a very small part of the equation. I believe the exhaustion is mostly from my illness.

I used to be constantly worried about not being well rested enough, but no matterΒ how well I sleep or how much, I’m still chronically tired, so I give up on rested perfection and am just going to try my best.

Okay, time for a nap.