New Hair!


I forgot to show off my new Hair! It’s usually curly, but we put in a treatment to reduce the frizz and tangles. It’s better if the blowout stays for a couple of days.


My family went out and bought me an aromatherapy diffuser. This one fits in your cup holder. Because I don’t go out, it’s small enough that I can manage it. I can pick it up to fill it. It’s pretty powerful! We have bigger ones, but this one is more manageable.

I’m still feeling worn out, but I’m looking toward the weekend for some rest. I can push until then. Gently. I’m not going to exhaust myself, though. Just makeup playing 😁.

Luxury and Resting Up


I discovered these bath salts at my favourite online shop. I’m not certain they do much actually, in terms of healing, but are they that different from Epsom salts? They are certainly lovely to lay in a bath with.

I’ve been both busy and boring. My lipstick from a big launch came in, so I played with that, but other than that, I’m not certain I have many spoons left. My body is giving signals it’s unhappy.

  • I’m exhausted most of the time, which is not unusual, but is getting worse.
  • I’m getting sores on my tongue
  • I’m craving chocolate all the time. I suspect my body is looking for quick energy.
  • My minor body aches are becoming bigger. Often I will have simple body aches that aren’t even noticeable, but lately my body is sore almost as if I have the flu or worked out too hard.
  • I’m very jumpy. Every time something falls or touches me, I jump a mile.
  • Open sores. I’m developing sores, like a line along my bust that feels like a bedsore and isn’t healing well.

So I expect to be resting this week.

I got my hair done yesterday. I will post a pic tomorrow when I’m up to it. It’s straight for now because we do a keratin treatment to help with tangles. It lasts longer if you leave it straight and don’t wet it for a bit.

I also bought a bunch of braces. Will show!



Busy Couple of Days…


The past couple of days have seemed like a whirlwind, even though, I suppose, Thursday I spent resting up for Friday! ‘I’m leardening’ as Ralph Wiggum would say.

Thursday, I really shut down for the most part. I had a friend call me that I hadn’t spoken with in a while, so we caught up a bit. My neck was hurting so much, I could barely concentrate. I slept the rest of the afternoon, and into the evening.

Friday we prepared the family to drive an hour to an hour and a half north to visit 20170415_121301my hairdresser, and then my parents. So after four and a half hours in the chair, I emerged… redder! I’m naturally curly, but I should keep the blowout for a few days, as it helps maintain the keratin.  You can see how tired I am in the photo. But, back in bed, yay!

After, we went to visit my parents. My daughter and I were so tired, my husband had to say, come on, but it didn’t take much. I miss seeing them. We didn’t get to stay long, but my son just blossomed in their presence. I have such great kids. My Mom made me this gorgeous Afghan, she actually made me two, one in pink, one in purple, and let me choose. It was tough! I wanted both! 😃 My Dad was pretty responsive. He has severe depression, he can’t always be present when we are there. It was good.

I have some stuff I want to do while I still am with cutlery. Soon!

Be well,

Have a great afternoon, my Zebra hombres! 😘