Netflix and Nausea


My Zebra Strong tee arrived! helps charities with fundraising, so they are a cool place to check out.

The past couple of days have been interesting. Yesterday morning I accomplished quite a bit. I cleaned a bit of my bed area and my outstanding computer files. I’m transitioning from a Yahoo address to a gmail, so I did some of that.

I napped all afternoon.

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix. Mostly Documentaries, interspersed with Embarrassing Bodies, which mostly involves sexually harassing the male doctor, but I’m alone in my room, he can’t hear. ☺

My head hurts. I couldn’t keep down breakfast. I’m almost used to this pain now.

My memory gets really lousy as the day goes on. It’s awful. I did go on a journal spending spree and got some nice ones!


There are some dotted pens. They are cute! I bought a proper Address Book. I won’t have to fire up the computer every time I need an address! There were three plain journals, and two holographic/iridescent journals. I’m in love with holographic or iridescent products. ❤


Pretty! And, of course, you can see the reflection of the ring light.

It’s been thunderstorms like crazy here! 😮

I’m incredibly bored, so I’ve made Amazon my bitch, and it’s giving my husband heart palpitations. I’m terrible, I can never do just one thing at a time. The tv is on, but I have to be futzing on my tablet or organizing a drawer or writing a list… I need to Zen more. I should slow it down.

Although I felt awful today, I’m feeling better than I was this morning. My back doesn’t hurt as much, my head is okay. I might try a quick look.

It’s amazing how your pain can change. I know I’m delicate today, though. My abdomen is threatening cramps if I’m not careful. Is that the Endometriosis acting up?

Today will be quiet, with some masking, skincare, Netflix, naps, photos, and maybe a makeup look if I can.

Moving slowly, though. No need to rush!

Hope you have a great weekend!




As I was mentioning in the wee hours of this morning, I tend to

  • Get distracted by shiny things
  • Go on tangents
  • Go on rants

Since I share a birthday with Dennis Miller, the third one should not come as a surprise.  Due to my personality,  the rants tend to be fairly loud, but good-natured.

I don’t know if this is a product of

  • Brain changes or neuroplasticity (I SMRT)
  • The wonderful medications I’m on
  • EDS in general
  • Aging (I R Old as you can probably guess…)
  • Adrenaline spikes that happen with EDS

For example, in my middle of the night post, I was very tired and couldn’t remember if I was to use the term lying, as in lying down or if that was the term for evading the truth and lying down was spelled lieing (when you are distracted by pain, sometimes silly things pop into your mind, you just think through it.) And then I thought well, is it supposed to be laying down? Well, no, because that would be like laying an egg. (See what I mean?) If you don’t pull yourself back to task you can be gone for hours. It’s like thinking through molasses, or running through water.

Sometimes I will go to answer an email and find myself writing a review of hand lotion 20 minutes later, it’s like- well, I’m still on the computer, OK.  Good start. Other times I’ve found myself cleaning out junk drawers, or painting my nails.

So, I’m tired this morning, for having a protracted sleep having drifted off around 3 am. Oh, everyone is tired! Yes, I hear that. When you add this on top of chronic fatigue,  it’s unreal. I’m feeling almost incoherent. The effort it takes to put together a sentence…I have to really focus. It’s important to me, though.

I have an appointment with my therapist this morning.  She’s wonderful and works with me by phone. My doctors are happier when I have a therapist, I get fewer accusations of being depressed this way. I will explore that phenomenon very soon.

Setting up this blog was hard work, but fun. I haven’t been able to work in years, and my migraines have been bad, but, piece by piece I did it! It took a long time-about 7x as long as it would have in my normal brain, but that’s gone! I will keep tweaking as we go, let me know what you like.