Gastroparesis Awareness


Lovely, I was just reading a post on Twitter from the EDS Association reminding us it was Gastroparesis Awareness month. I replied I was pretty sure I had this, was awaiting diagnosis. Someone snarkily replied it was dangerous to diagnose yourself from the internet, and did I have tests scheduled. I replied I was trying, I had other priorities, which got, if you’re so sick, you should have your priorities in order. My retort was about needing my energy to bug my pain doc about my neurologist at the moment, but under normal circumstances, definitely.

It’s such a shame there are so many scammers out there we have to be suspicious of everyone. That really sucks.

I got partway into my makeup and just ran out of steam. I couldn’t go on. I’m dead. I hate using that analogy, but my lips are pale and I’m drained. I feel awful.

Anyway, back to gastroparesis. I have almost all the symptoms. It involves very slow digestion. I will eat at lunch, still be full at dinner. If you overeat, sometimes you vomit the remainder up. I am not doing this much anymore. I have a very small appetite, am constantly, well mostly, nauseated. My stomach is often bloated. Constipation, cramps, constant heartburn. I can’t think of much else.

My current diet consists of:

  • My morning coffee
  • Oatmeal for breakfast (the bad kind)
  • Homemade nachos with corn tortilla chips, melted lactose free cheese and low fat sour cream
  • glucose-fructose free iced tea
  • gluten free pizza
  • Chicken Tacos
  • Chicka Chicka Boom popcorn
  • Rice Crackers
  • Homemade hamburgers
  • Homemade hash browns
  • Chocolate (This is not necessarily FODMAP friendly)
  • Chocolate chip pancakes with syrup


  • I have been munching on lightly salted chips the past couple of days, as it quells the nausea. It worked during my pregnancies, my first one I lost 30 lbs! I was still 30 lbs heavier than now! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

This is all the food I would eat in a normal week. Other things we have in the house I can have are:

  • Lactose free ice cream
  • sorbet
  • Rice pasta with garlic and onion free sauce (gag)
  • Husband has a mini storeroom of chocolate in the basement, apparently. ย For me.

I love my chocolate and popcorn, but I don’t miss my food. Since I started feeling better for the most part while on FODMAP, I don’t miss eating tons of things. I’m not often craving foods the way I used to, though I sometimes do get hungry. It takes a long time, though.

I hope I can get a gastroenterologist soon. I’m trying to think, and there just aren’t any other foods I eat. ๐Ÿค” Nope.



Happy Easter!


We woke up early this morning, and even though the kids are 15 and almost 13, the Easter Bunny hid a few eggs around the house. The Bunny was kind and left my stash on the sofa. ๐Ÿ˜€


I have no idea how much of this is allowed on FODMAP, but likely not much, because it’s yummy. I don’t eat much, so this should last me until next Easter, easily.

I spent some time downstairs with my family, and then trundled back upstairs. My daughter was uncomfortable with me in her space, and I was in pain. My pubic bone is hurting like crazy now, I need some rest time from my crazy activities. Hairstyling diva.

On the occasion on Easter, I may as well take the opportunity to talk about my religion. I am a Christian. I belong to the United Church of Canada, which has a unique outlook on spirituality. The Church’s focus is on your personal relationship with God and Jesus. Your attendance at church is to learn from the teachings of the Bible, which is not taken literally, word for word. Belonging to the church means a focus on community and looking out for one another, taking care of each other. I haven’t been able to attend services in years, because I’m not able to travel and sit that long, but I miss it. My former friend, my son’s Godmother was at his Christening and remarked on leaving how refreshed she felt. She commented how different it was from the Catholic Church where they told you over and over you were bad and what not to do.

By changing the focus, I belive, it changes the conversation from what is everyone else doing, to what am I doing? Another rule of the church is gambling is forbidden. Why? Because the house is always rigged, and the people who lose the most tend to be the most disadvantaged in society.

Sometimes we run into problems, like when one of the ministers found she identified as an Atheist. The council isn’t sure what to do about this. She wasn’t immediately removed, 20170415_224811though.

I don’t talk much about my faith or spirituality. I feel it’s very personal, and I don’t feel it very welcome often.

When I hear about Conservative Christians upset it is never about things that would upset me. I suppose that makes me a… Liberal Christian? Hippie Christian?

Live and let live is more than a glib saying.

Have a wonderful Easter, Zebra mates! ๐Ÿ˜˜



I’m deep into Nesting mode today. My ex husband used to call me hamster girl, because I love organizing and reorganizing all the things. Whenever I’m “sitting still” you can usually soon hear the rustle of paper. Today I went through all of my makeup and reorganized it. It was already sort of organized, but I redid it. Tomorrow I will tackle skincare. Unfortunately, I tried a look after I did the organisation and when I took the photos, my eyes are wonky. My eye pulls in when I get tired, and it doesn’t take much these days. I’m seeing the eye doctor in a couple of weeks. It might even be next week. I’m going to have to show him these photos.

I had a great time watching South Park while doing this. I love this show. It’s so obnoxious. ย It makes such good points. My son’s friends watch it, so if he wants to watch it, I’m glad we do it together so we can discuss what he sees. I don’t know if, at almost 13 he quite grasps sarcasm and irony, and I’m happy he will discuss things with me enough to let me talk with him and ask me questions. I love the one where Kanye is making sure Kim isn’t a hobbit, and the one where Stan and Kyle try to beat a million on Guitar Hero. The music is great! Kansas, The Ramones, and I find it okay! Yay!

I’m still having abdominal cramping, but it’s more muscular than digestive, although digestive problems are happening because I’ve been on a chocolate binge lately. It doesn’t take much to upset my system, but it does take a certain amount to satisfy me! Oh well. Gotta live.

A friend asked me an interesting question the other day. I mentioned the cramps, and she misunderstood them for digestive cramps, understandably, and asked if I was going off FODMAP. No, because it was different pain and we sorted that, but I thought, what is after FODMAP? What do I do after that? I can’t seem to tolerate anything forbidden, and many things allowed on that diet and am still mostly nauseated and having heartburn. I am better in terms of bloating and gas, most of the time I know why I am suffering.

I was going to post yesterday, but I decided to nap instead. So selfish. ๐Ÿ˜

My head and neck hurts so much. I’m trying to be cheerful, but it’s tough. I feel like my laughter is a little loud and hysterical.

I can vape again, right? I’ve been teaching people in the house how to help with my apparatus (age appropriately, no kids touch drugs, but they can find my discard bin and get my tubing) so I actually will instead of just lying here.

Have a fab day, Zebras! ๐Ÿ˜™

On the Mend


With each day, I’m feeling slightly better. My kids have a four-day weekend, so I turned the alarm off today, as they are old enough to look after themselves in the mornings.

I slept until ten or so, and stayed put until noon because my face hurt. My son checked on me every couple of hours, as per my husband. ย He’s a good kid. Our daughter got up around 1:00, but made it downstairs and crashed on the couch and could go no further. Poor kid, she was sick during the night and couldn’t take in any food.

My husband was so sweet, on Wednesday, he stopped at the eye doctor to get his eye infection checked out, and I was sleeping, I didn’t answer his texts, so he decided to pick up a gluten-free pizza for me anyway. He walked into the restaurant, and they greeted him by shouting out our address! ๐Ÿ˜‚ “Hey! It’s our address! Good to see you! Do you want your whole order? Oh, just the gluten-free, okay!” He then took my husband on a tour of the kitchen, showing him the kitchen, the way they clean the area for gluten-free cooking…it was amazing. My husband is very recognizable. At 6’5″, with a slim build, he’s not hugely imposing as a figure. He looks much younger than his 48 years, as evidenced by being asked to join a kickboxing group for under 35s recently. ๐Ÿ˜‚ He is usually smiling, and is very kind and generous, which helps. He also has really huge hands and feet, which people often notice and comment on. He also has a large nose, which he has broken playing football. I think he’s handsome, but he doesn’t photograph well, mostly because he hates having his photo taken. Anyway, I’m blathering because I miss him. He’s kind of a memorable face. People tend to remember my curly hair.

He brought me home pizza on Wednesday night. (Pizza Pizza gluten-free is so good, btw) and I had some, because I was so hungry, but um… bad idea. So I had some yesterday and today. It was only a small, and the kids don’t like the crust, but I love it! It’s settled well.

I’m still weak, and that might take a while to remedy. I’m currently drinking water and G2, a Gatorade derivative that does not contain glucose-fructose. I want to stay on FODMAP as much as possible. I had the orange chicken from Panda Express for dinner on Sunday and it was not worth the pain I experienced. ย Holy Moly! I promise to be good from now on…

My eyes are still hurting, but aren’t as productive as they were. As long as I take Tylenol cold formula or allergy formula, it keeps it in line. I’m cleaning them gently, and it’s mostly the left one. My husband asked the eye doctor, and as long as it’s mostly my lid and not my eyeball (and it is) we aren’t panicking. I rarely panic, anyway.

So, game plan for now is lots of liquid, Gravol as needed, Tylenol complete, and resting. Same for the girl. Our son is doing an awesome job at looking after me while I’m sick. Rest assured, ย we don’t ask too much of the kids, just that when I’m sleeping he look in on me every couple of hours, or as he passes on his way to the washroom. He brought me the pizza and a plate, and a G2. Our daughter yesterday had to bring me the bucket when she wasn’t feeling well, so she had it worse. I’m so glad she did though. Ugh. I think she slept on the couch last night to have clear access to the downstairs bathroom. Jumping off the top bunk would not be fun at 1:00 am. They are almost 13 and 15. How did I get so old?

I’ve been spending the day puttering around on the internet, so now I want to go over my spending budget. Blah.

Tiredness is setting in. Until next time!

Stay lovely, my fellow zebras! ๐Ÿ˜˜