20161226_113503I was diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos syndrome in January of 2015 after years of chronic pain. I had to stop working in 2003 after the birth of my daughter, (not because of my employers, though! The pain was just too great.) I found a great pain clinic here in Toronto, who have been quite helpful and not as judgemental as some.

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in the early 1990s, and suffered a skull fracture from a fall on ice in 1992. Recently, I’ve been diagnosed with IBS. There is a theory that autoimmune disorders tend to proliferate, and EDS, IBS, and Endo all qualify. Or I’m just lucky!

I have two wonderful kids and an amazing husband who look after me, as I look after them. Our lives have certainly changed over the years, but there are good and bad parts to that.



I realized recently, that my friends often don’t know what my experience with EDS is actually like.  They know I’m in pain, they know I disappear for a while sometimes, but they don’t hear about my experience.  I’m afraid of sounding like a whiner, a complainer, or weak.  Since I know I’m none of these things, most of the time, I thought I would try and share my experience. Let me warn you in advance, it’s not always pretty, but I try to use humour and technical terms to get us through it.

I decided to come to a blog to reach a wider audience, reach some of my fellow spoonies and zebras, see if they can relate. I can always link back!