Inconvenient Sleep Habits

In the first place, my body is being a big jerk. It won’t let giphy15me sleep at any time there is another person in this house asleep. Β On top of that, I’ve caught my daughter’s cold. Which isn’t a horrible one, it’s just that I’m a terrible wimp when it comes to having a sore throat. I find that pretty funny, actually. Β I am also suffering with yeast infections for some reason. I am having incredibly awful pelvic and back pain. If it’s not gone by morning, I’m actually going in somewhere. It’s incredible. I don’t know what is causing this. I was having terrible problems for almost eight months about two years ago. I had fungal infections all along the inside of my thighs and my under my breasts. My pharmacist recommended cranberry tablets. It was funny how I discovered this. My husband is in charge of all my medicine. He had asked the pharmacist about this problem and received this answer. I had been taking them for a while before I noticed. When I asked about them, I received an explanation, which I denounced as hogwash. Husband asked if the thrush had cleared up, to which I had to admit, yes it had. Unfortunately, I have been not so great at taking my pills, as I sleep at odd hours, missing some. I need to pay attention, get back on track.

Although, that is difficult when you’re curled in a ball whimpering.

I’ve found that around midnight, I usually start crying. It doesn’t last long, usually less than 30 seconds. I’ve never gone longer than 3 minutes. But I have had a few minutes to myself to be scared and break down before I put my face back on. The everything will be ok, face. Or maybe I sob out of self pity. I have some of those, too, I’m certain.

I can’t deny I’m stressed. My mother needs support and I can’t offer it to her. I’m likely the only one, besides her sister, she has. My husband is too overworked to give me the support I need. I ask for things, 10 minutes of his time, and it’s to the point where this is becoming problematic to schedule. Tonight, I wanted help with two rather unimportant things, I waited until bedtime at 9:00, but almost didn’t accomplish them because of all the distractions etc. He keeps telling me he answered me when he didn’t. It’s so frustrating. I know it’s not my memory, either. Sigh. 11:00. We need a better strategy.

Trouble with midnight painsomnia is I can’t vape or watch TV 🀣. Our sofa is not a place to banish people to. I can’t make it downstairs on my own, either.

I’ve been cleaning out drawers. Nesting. It’s my favourite thing to do. It’s been hard work, but I always feel better afterward.

Can I ask a question of my friends who are on the Autism Spectrum? How offensive is the term Aspie? Or Aspy? Here’s why: I have so much to talk about with my family, with three of them being on the spectrum. Daughter, diagnosed Aspergers, husband not diagnosed, but clearly on the spectrum, and my son will be diagnosed when he returns to school. I have so much to share about parenting and what living with these folks is like, I was thinking of…ugh, a third blog. Ugh. I know. But the name Three Aspies and a Zebra sounded good to me, I just didn’t want to be offensive. Open to any good name suggestions! Speaking to the blog, for example, my kids have no idea when people are joking. My daughter went to the CNE, I asked her to buy me some donuts, which are off my FODMAP plan. She’s 15, btw. She started crying because she didn’t know if I was kidding, and if she should really do it because they might hurt me, and she didn’t want to be responsible for me getting sick. She’s so sweet! πŸ’œ

My husband is snoring sweetly beside me. I want to whack him with a pillow. Nah, I know that if the kids stir or if I call out, he will be up. His beloved aquarium was acting up earlier, so he’s annoyed. He gives time to the kids, and I can’t begrudge my own kids and his source of income, as he was finishing a course for work, too.

I just can’t stop needing what I need or feeling what I feel. Here come the tears. Must be midnight. Exactly.

Ah, going to go find some cat memes. I always get melancholy when I’m sick. Boo.



15 thoughts on “Inconvenient Sleep Habits

  1. As far as I can tell, ‘Aspie’ isn’t offensive and is used as a first person descriptor quite a lot. Sorry you’re struggling. I hope whatever it is resolves or gets more manageable soon. I’ve battled insomnia since puberty so I know how hard it can be. Being emotional can go along with it, especially if you’ve got CNS issues like Chiari/CCI/Syringomyelia, etc. since they interfere with CSF flow when in certain positions (upright, usually, though I can’t do anything that pushes my head forward like laying on my back with a pillow).

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    • I also have a cold, I’ve found out, which makes me emotional as well. I only have a month until the neurologist! I am having incredible pelvic pain, and I’m not certain what to do. There is a walk in gyne clinic about 20 minutes away. We’ve been trying to reach my doc to ask. I’m wondering if this is an emergency or if it can wait. I’ve had Mirena for 12 years, I’m 2 years into my 3rd and I’ve been spotting for 2 weeks. Never had this before. Do I wait until I can move? Is this ER worthy? Can I wait until my GP comes back from holidays? All I want to do is sleep!


      • Your mirena may have punctured through. Also, isn’t it progesterone based/dominant?? Progesterone is the laxity hormone that makes connective tissue weaker/softer. I’d get looked at sooner rather than later.

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      • That’s what I keep thinking. I’m just so sick and weak I can’t function. Think I have to put pressure on the husband. Ugh. Every bloody (heh) long weekend it’s something. Did I thank you for your help and advice? If not, um, thank you!

        I have a feeling you’re right. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Sigh.

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      • Just been thinking, it’s tough for me, I am literally so weak. I went on Mirena before EDS diagnosis because endo pain was so bad I could not care about anything else. I haven’t been willing to change it, either

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      • Yeah… if you have a puncture somewhere, or a tear, it’s only gonna get worse until it’s fixed. It might be that you’ve developed something intestinal or an infection. Maybe it’s a quick and straitforward thing, and maybe it’ll need several tests to figure it out. If you’re in “more than EDS pain”, though, I’d get seen asap. Our bodies are so delicate, it’s a bigger risk for us to “wait and see” on certain things, and I think abdominal pain is one of those things. Sorry for bad news, but yes, I do think you should “hassle” somebody into taking you in. Better to get proof that there’s nothing to be done or that it’s not a big deal than to be too late to fix whatever problem it is.

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      • Currently in the ER. Ultrasound normal, Mirena is right where it should be. Nothing wacky on my bloodwork. Why did I scream in pain when the doc examined me? And not the pelvic, the …. oh! Doctor! I can go! Basically an attack of endo, they say. Wonderful. It’s getting worse.


      • Bummer. Is it maybe time to yank it outta there? Regardless, I’ve learned that any animal product I ingest will affect my hormones and endo, and soy is even worse, being an estrogen disruptor. Maybe a vegetarian/vegan diet would help?? πŸ€”πŸ’œπŸ˜˜


      • Every doctor I’ve met with has felt that removal is counter productive. Essentially, I’m on a chemical hysterectomy. If I’m still having problems, it does not portend well for when the organs are actually out. I hardly eat any meat, anyway. Besides, we are in Canada, our meat is not subject to the same hormone treatments that American meat has been. Either way, I eat maybe a bit of chicken twice a week and a quarter of a hamburger twice a week. I’m allergic to most meat alternates, and have just settled into FODMAP so my stomach has calmed down. He said there may be an infection, but it wouldn’t explain the pain. Blah. I’ll go blog this so we can all get in on this πŸ˜‚


      • Same as? I’m lactose intolerant as well, so I’m not eating dairy, either. Yeah, maybe it’s not clear just how little or how few things I eat, but I’m just about on the edge of what is available for my stomach issues, I don’t know what else to do to make it right for everything else. I’m going by what my husband says because I care so little for food, it’s an effort. I’m not usually eating an evening meal. So it’s oatmeal in the morning and a lunch. My nutritionist understood how hard I’m working to keep this down. I’m exhausted and sick, compounded with a cold I can’t shake and I don’t have the energy to work it out right now. I’m just going to wait until Tuesday. Maybe I Will feel better then, and can think clearly. I had been doing fine for nearly a year. Maybe it was my cheating on FODMAP that did it. Maybe I can’t have little donuts every once in a while. Maybe it’s not something my body can handle. It’s not the flare I was expecting.


      • Well, exactly the same, no, especially since all restaurants around here use soybean oil. But, when I was still eating meat, I could get conventional meat or organic meat, cook it myself, and get the same hormone and pain effects. Diet has a huge impact on me, and with our similarities, it’s a prime suspect in my mind for you that it’s a combo hormone/GI issue. Maybe even diverticulitis or just gastroparesis needing addressed. I think I’ve offered all I can. Good luck figuring it out.


      • The doc seemed dismissive that it was a GI issue, but I’m not. I’m still waiting to get in to see the gastroenterologist because we haven’t figured out what is up with my stomach from before. But that still hasn’t been arranged. This is not usual at all. So, it could be an infection. It could be some residual GI stuff, it could be a combination, it could be a combination of the three. I will concentrate on getting better, resting up, and then tackling things when I’m feeling up to it. Thanks so much for being there. Here? You’ve brought up some great points. I’m not certain if my weight loss affected things? I have no idea. I’m not going to worry, though. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ I am so sleepy! πŸ˜„

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