New Hair!


I forgot to show off my new Hair! It’s usually curly, but we put in a treatment to reduce the frizz and tangles. It’s better if the blowout stays for a couple of days.


My family went out and bought me an aromatherapy diffuser. This one fits in your cup holder. Because I don’t go out, it’s small enough that I can manage it. I can pick it up to fill it. It’s pretty powerful! We have bigger ones, but this one is more manageable.

I’m still feeling worn out, but I’m looking toward the weekend for some rest. I can push until then. Gently. I’m not going to exhaust myself, though. Just makeup playing 😁.

2 thoughts on “New Hair!

    • We have three now 🙄. My friend gave me one for my birthday a couple of years ago, 2015? Andrew absconded with it because it’s the egg-shaped one that lights up different colours. Then my sister in law gave us a huge one, but I don’t know where to put it because I can’t plug it in, all our outlets are full, and the bedroom, I don’t think I can fill it easily. This small one is perfect, but I’ve been running it for 4 days and it hasn’t needed refilling! Also, Andrew is allergic to lavender, so find a blend without lavender! 😂 there are some, though.


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