…as a Kite! 😄


The pain has not subsided in any way. I’m just lying here, taking my breakthrough meds as prescribed, and trying to hold off going to the hospital.

To answer proactively,

Why I don’t want to go to hospital:

  • It will greatly upset my kids, who are currently struggling with anxiety.
  • I do not think there is anything they can do for me there that I can’t do for me here.
  • If it is, in fact, a cyst, I am not having surgery, they will just send me home anyway.
  • Anything that is wrong with me, actually, they will drug me up and send me home.
  • I have more suitable (not better, granted) drugs here, until I really can’t take the pain.
  • I will be more comfortable here no matter what.

So, this is why I’m trying to hold out no matter what. I’ve been through this before, and it isn’t fun, but it’s definitely surviveable.

My husband is working from home today, so at least I feel protected. That’s not the right word… 🤔

Enjoy your day, Zebra friends! 😘

3 thoughts on “…as a Kite! 😄

  1. I hope things get better, but I say that knowing they probably won’t until you get your next treatment. Your husband being there is like having a security blanket. I like for my husband to be here when I am in great pain too, he provides a security that nothing else can provide.

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    • *nodding* suddenly realizing you can’t see me. 😐 I’m sorry you’re not well. I would like to go back to my days of moderate pain. I smell, well, I had a sponge bath, but I would like to wash my hair. I want to submerge and relax. I want to play makeup. Blah. I told my husband I would buy makeup to keep me out of the hospital for four hours. I don’t know if can promise it right now. Ick.

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