Monday Dawns


I spent much of this past weekend crying in pain, but with some rest, slow massage, gentle movement, medication, and patience… I’m feeling slightly better. At least I’m not longer getting the spins every time I sit up. I even soaked in the bath for a bit! Washed my hair for the first time in two weeks! Well, my husband did. He then spent a half hour gently combing the tangles out. He’s so good to me. 💜

My head hurts right where I hit it all those years ago, where the fracture is. Holding it still is the most comfortable,  but I’m in danger of getting stiff, which makes things worse. My short term memory is still awful, and I can feel the pain creeping up. Lying on my side seems to help, so I suppose I will do that for a bit, see if it works.

When I woke up I felt fully okay for almost ten minutes. I was so excited.  Now I’m disappointed. I can feel the symptoms returning. The nausea, the dizziness. I’m so frustrated. I don’t want to bother anyone, but I can’t survive a month and a day until my appointment. Wait. That’s wrong. I can. I will. I just will be miserable.

To top it off, I gained a pound last week because I wasn’t eating, and my metabolism shut down. Grrr.

What would you do if you were me, Zebras? 🤔


UPDATE: an hour later, I feel worse, and joining the party my right lower abdomen feels like it’s harbouring a rabid squirrel. I did consider calling an ambulance, but it subsided. I can’t figure out why such acute pain all of a sudden. I’ve vaped, trying to be relaxed, seems to help, try to nap. See what that does.


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