Scary Pain

My neck is so painful right now. I have my neck pillow on, it’s worse if it’s off. If I move, the nausea gets so much worse. Left is worse. The pain comes around my head like a crown. My teeth are even numb. It’s slightly better if I click something at the top of my spine into place. Like, near the base of my skull? I’ve been trying to pretend I’m normal, but it’s affecting my short-term memory, and I’m scared by the intensity of the pain and nausea. I haven’t taken migraine medicine yet, because it’s not like any I’ve had before, and is on both sides, would it work?

I’ve tried Tylenol. My husband told Β me to. He had a reason,

I can’t see my pain guy for 5 weeks. I can’t live like this that long. I think we should call him. Trying to get hold of my husband.

This is awful. Β I don’t want this.

Can I have some fun disease?


18 thoughts on “Scary Pain

  1. I get that with all my spine stuff. An antiinflamatory can help. Not always, but sometimes even a tiny displacement can cause enough irritation that inflammation puts pressure on autonomic nerves, hence the nausea. Blood thinners, too, like a baby aspirin can help, or a vasodilator. Some of that pain can be pressure from vasoconstriction or too much pressure within the skull. I hope you get some relief soon. πŸ’œ

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    • Lying on my side seems to help, of course the one away from the TV. 😁 I’ve been dozing. I just started to feel better, picked up my tablet, rolled on my back, and within five minutes, the nausea, and my head is ramping up. I do have some nsaids, I might try that. My knees have been nuts lately. It’s been raining all week, it’s made things worse somehow. I have a very old skull fracture. I maybe should take my lumps and go to the ER. The worst it will be is abusive and a time waster.

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      • Yeah, they might. I can’t remember if I’ve had that through ER before. I don’t know if I can go 5 weeks with this pain and not seeing anyone. An ER doc can order one. My pain doctor has given me orders to go to the ER, there’s nothing he can do for me until June. I may have to go back, but at least it’s ordered? I don’t know.

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      • Here, they won’t do it at all unless it’s life or death – or – you have to be admitted to the hospital and get one ordered that way. Otherwise, you won’t get more than a CT.

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      • I honest don’t remember. My memory has been shot with the onset of this, too. I could ask hubby, but he’s asleep. I don’t really know what to do at all. I’m so useless at this point. If someone told me, you just have to wait it out, okay, but I don’t know. My husband calls for guidance and just gets yelled at that it’s not chiari because I had a barium swallow. What? Okay! Wow! My head is fine now. Not. So… what next? So maybe going to the hospital is useless, but it’s not sitting here. Maybe calling my GP would help. I don’t even know anymore. Maybe I’ll just take sleeping pill after sleeping pill to get through and sleep til June.


      • If you might have Chiari, you’ll need an upright MRI or at least one with tension/flexion of your neck. I know those take specific orders and a bit of a wait. Do you have a neurologist? They’d be the best place to start, though other Dr’s could order them and then refer you to a Chiari specialist. I’m learning down here that even Dr’s who claim to understand Chiari don’t actually. I’ve not met a single specialist who knew as much as ive learned about EDS and acquired chiari. I’ve got the research to back it up in my blog posts. You’re welcome to print and share anything I’ve posted. There’s an article specifically about needing positional scans. I’m hoping tomorrow I can get formatting fixed so it’s easier for readers to search. I keep finding more and more in need of certain things I know I’ve shared on here.

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      • My pain management doctor issue a neurologist who is specializing in EDS and I have a referral to the EDS clinic opening here in Toronto, so I think I will have experts, it’s just getting through until I can get there. I would go to the hospital my pain management doctor is at so they can consult with him, but I don’t know if they will this time, it’s always a crapshoot. I don’t know if I’m just being a big baby. I’m sure it’s mostly pain fatigue. A neck brace sounds good, and that’s sick. πŸ€”

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      • I know exactly where you’re at. And if you feel that way, you probably would benefit from a brace. Tension/flexion scans showing any instability at all should be sufficient proof of need for a brace.

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      • I’ve been wrapping my neck pillow around. It helps a bit to take some of the nausea away. I think I will show this convo to my boy toy in the morning and see what he thinks. Because I can’t do it anymore. I’m just done. I’m a sobbing mass of pain and tears. I don’t want to be around me anymore. He’s just going to have to do it, I think. Because, maybe I’m just tired, and I’ll get a surge of energy. I don’t think I can be calling around demanding service. I don’t. Ugh.

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      • There are many Chiari groups on fb who encourage sharing MRIs for discussion because so many radiologists and Dr’s miss so much when it comes to Chiari, CSF leaks, etc. I learned a lot and found a lot of my research in those groups, as well as Dr recommendations.

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      • I’m ramping up again. I’m going to just mellow out for now and see if I can zen myself to sleep. Thank you so very much. Check in tomorrow. 😘 so much thanks so helpful.

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