It’s May!


My search for a Maypole .gif rewarded me with this. It amuses me, so I’ll keep it!

I’m still feeling weak today. I’m not nearly as nauseated, so I’m kind of eating non-stop. I only had 589 kcals yesterday, so this should even things out. I know I’m trying to keep myself from falling asleep. I’m annoyed because I took yesterday and lay around. I want to play today. But my body is saying no. My back hurts, my neck is just intensely painful, and my abdomen, Oooh, it’s awful. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of whining and complaining.

I would like someone to come and sit with me for a while. Someone I don’t need to talk with. I used to watch garbage TV with my sister, but she’s living in Beijing. I miss her.

I should probably give up and have that nap. It’s not going to happen today. Not now, anyway. I think I need breakthrough meds. Texted the husband to ask if we should follow up with the pain doctor.

Some things I want to say, have to wait a bit until I feel less like I’ve been hit by a steamroller.

Have a good afternoon zebra pals! 😘

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