Happy Easter!


We woke up early this morning, and even though the kids are 15 and almost 13, the Easter Bunny hid a few eggs around the house. The Bunny was kind and left my stash on the sofa. 😀


I have no idea how much of this is allowed on FODMAP, but likely not much, because it’s yummy. I don’t eat much, so this should last me until next Easter, easily.

I spent some time downstairs with my family, and then trundled back upstairs. My daughter was uncomfortable with me in her space, and I was in pain. My pubic bone is hurting like crazy now, I need some rest time from my crazy activities. Hairstyling diva.

On the occasion on Easter, I may as well take the opportunity to talk about my religion. I am a Christian. I belong to the United Church of Canada, which has a unique outlook on spirituality. The Church’s focus is on your personal relationship with God and Jesus. Your attendance at church is to learn from the teachings of the Bible, which is not taken literally, word for word. Belonging to the church means a focus on community and looking out for one another, taking care of each other. I haven’t been able to attend services in years, because I’m not able to travel and sit that long, but I miss it. My former friend, my son’s Godmother was at his Christening and remarked on leaving how refreshed she felt. She commented how different it was from the Catholic Church where they told you over and over you were bad and what not to do.

By changing the focus, I belive, it changes the conversation from what is everyone else doing, to what am I doing? Another rule of the church is gambling is forbidden. Why? Because the house is always rigged, and the people who lose the most tend to be the most disadvantaged in society.

Sometimes we run into problems, like when one of the ministers found she identified as an Atheist. The council isn’t sure what to do about this. She wasn’t immediately removed, 20170415_224811though.

I don’t talk much about my faith or spirituality. I feel it’s very personal, and I don’t feel it very welcome often.

When I hear about Conservative Christians upset it is never about things that would upset me. I suppose that makes me a… Liberal Christian? Hippie Christian?

Live and let live is more than a glib saying.

Have a wonderful Easter, Zebra mates! 😘

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