Busy Couple of Days…


The past couple of days have seemed like a whirlwind, even though, I suppose, Thursday I spent resting up for Friday! ‘I’m leardening’ as Ralph Wiggum would say.

Thursday, I really shut down for the most part. I had a friend call me that I hadn’t spoken with in a while, so we caught up a bit. My neck was hurting so much, I could barely concentrate. I slept the rest of the afternoon, and into the evening.

Friday we prepared the family to drive an hour to an hour and a half north to visit 20170415_121301my hairdresser, and then my parents. So after four and a half hours in the chair, I emerged… redder! I’m naturally curly, but I should keep the blowout for a few days, as it helps maintain the keratin.  You can see how tired I am in the photo. But, back in bed, yay!

After, we went to visit my parents. My daughter and I were so tired, my husband had to say, come on, but it didn’t take much. I miss seeing them. We didn’t get to stay long, but my son just blossomed in their presence. I have such great kids. My Mom made me this gorgeous Afghan, she actually made me two, one in pink, one in purple, and let me choose. It was tough! I wanted both! 😃 My Dad was pretty responsive. He has severe depression, he can’t always be present when we are there. It was good.

I have some stuff I want to do while I still am with cutlery. Soon!

Be well,

Have a great afternoon, my Zebra hombres! 😘



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