Had to miss my doctor appointment this morning. I just couldn’t go. I’m in pain again and I’m just exhausted. I feel like the pain isn’t as bad as it was, like I can cope with it. But it’s still debilitating.

I just had to fill out a bunch of quizzes for my cannabis doctor. The other one retired to do addiction research and so I get a new one. All these questions about am I depressed, and a stupid one about my lifestyle, essentially if I don’t leave my bed I’m a depressed potato, vs. am I a productive member of society? No, better shoot me, then.

Supposed to be a big storm coming, so I hope they don’t cancel. I’m just five days off my renewal, so I don’t have time to waste. Asking if I’ve been eating poorly the last two weeks as a sign of depression… the constant nausea from my illness takes care of that, thank you! So ableist! My other doctor was such an asshole about me being in bed because, my husband finally sussed, he assumed if I was in bed I was sleeping all the time. No! It’s just the only place that’s cushioned enough for me. Listen to my words, doctor!

Anyway, that nap. So tired. Pain makes me sleepy.

Be your wonderful selves, Zebra friends! 😘


3 thoughts on “Groan

    • Fortunately, this doctor isn’t critical for my care, and she understands this. Fortunately, my husband had an appointment adjacent to mine, as he needed a sleep study recently, and communicated my disappointment and concerns. I was mostly concerned about my weight loss affecting things, and she said she wasn’t concerned, just to come in when I can, sooner or call if I have a problem, and she really enjoys our visits. Oh, and my husband and I are a cute couple. Tee hee!

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