Glitches Galore

My WordPress has been glitchy has hell. I finally gave up last night and left it alone. I think it’s sorted out today, as yesterday’s SECOND post has reappeared.

My husband is working from home today so he can take our son to physio. Today would be a much better day for me to be on semi-strike, as he does most stuff today, as he is nearby. My back is really angry today, so I’m ready to lie down as much as possible. I know you’re supposed to keep moving for sore backs, but I’m not going to be still, just reclined.

Some upsetting news, my ex-husband just messaged me to let me know his younger brother died on Tuesday. He was a great guy. In his early 50s. My husband said he had contracted cancer from taking steroids, but is not the most reliable source. Husband and I are just debating sending flowers to the family. There’s a button on the newspaper website, so it’s easy. They were my family for over ten years, but my husband is like, nah… I mean, I know he sees my ex one way, but his family is quite another. $75 is not going to hurt us.

That put me behind quite a bit. Not to mention, I spent part of the morning playing with the quizzes on


This is not wrong. Not wrong at all.  This, however …


I do not look 28. That’s very flattering. But no.


You’re hysterical, I do not look 18 in any way. Not at all. This isn’t even cute anymore.


I’m immature? Is that what you’re trying to say? I have to agree. It’s closer to 2-9 than 29, however.


You’ve mixed up my soul and my body, there. Also, am 5 months pregnant in wedding photo.


This is very true. I am very insecure. I don’t feel talented or like everyone’s favorite person. I’ve been back stabbed and left too many times for trust in too many. There are 5 people I trust, two of whom I made.


Seven…drops maybe! Beer and I do not get along, and especially these days alcohol is a bad idea!


Maybe this is why I’m so gassy? Preliminary results indicate the stoppage of the Beet Fibre crackers are a success!


Fast as in quick? No. Fast as in not eating? Maybe. Although I’ve had pretty good stable stomach the past couple days and have been eating like a pig!


It would be nice if my story had a photo of my son, but I was down and out and I’m fighting my way, I guess. Just like everybody else.


That’s not a bad quote, I suppose!


That’s not a sixth sense! That’s Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome!

I’m going to play with makeup for a while and distract myself, maybe have a nap. I’m still too tired for a bath, and I think my back is too spasmy.  I’m feeling really sad and I’m going to just be with that for a while and remember. Makeup is very artistic for me, like painting on a canvas, with form.

Hope you have a wonderful day, Zebras! 😘

Update: just about to post this and transition to makeup and husband came upstairs, looked at me, laughed and asked what my plans was. I told him, and he shook his head and said ‘nap’. He’s absolutely right, I can’t keep my eyes open! 😅 Nap it is!


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