Life is Good!


Isn’t it nice when life isn’t a series of one bone-grindingly painful activity after another? We are on day three of feeling like a regular ninety year old person, instead on a ninety year old war veteran who has had every bone broken and has just been run over by a steam roller. I am getting rather tired, however, I could use a long nap.


Husband brought home some snacks on the weekend. I can have dark chocolate on FODMAP, but the taste is too strong for me. He risked his health bringing me these almonds, as he is allergic. Anaphylaxis allergic. They are such a good snack! They fill me up so well! I’ve been hungry lately. Must be the moving I’m doing.

I’m really tired today. I must have overdone it, even though I tried not to! I had so much fun! Got things done!

That’s all for me today. Maybe more tomorrow, when I’m more awake…

Have a fun day, Zebras! 😘


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