Yay! I have friends! I’m even wearing people clothes!

This past week has been a nightmare. That flu bug wiped me right out, and I am still feeling weak. Yet I am recovering faster than I have from other viruses, so I will take this! My daughter is still battling, she had to stay home from school, her headache was too intense.

My son is out for his first overnight trip! He’s out with the school. He has been bouncing off the walls all weekend. This will be so great for instilling his confidence. He’s a great kid. I’m just having trouble seeing my babies grow up. I had some insomnia over the weekend. I was the same way when his sister went.

If there is any confusion between the My/Our pronouns with the kids, there are just two kids, sometimes I remember to share credit, and sometimes I don’t. 😁

My good friend called me this morning, and we had a great chat, until I had to go, I suddenly started to feel awful again. But I had a nap, and if my surrogate little sister wasn’t coming to visit, I would probably still be napping!

My surrogate little sister is a good friend of my actual sister, and used to live with my family when she was a teen. I’m 14 years older than my sister, so I was long gone, but she’s an important part of the family. I haven’t seen her in at least ten years. She’s going to be surprised when she gets let in by my 5’9″ daughter who was knee-high last visit. 😅

I had to cancel my doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 1:00. I’m so annoyed. My husband can’t take me there, because he has to ‘work’ what kind of stupid excuse…( totally kidding ) No, he has to work, and the boss is out or something, and I can’t get there on my own because I’m so sore and weak right now. I have this awful pain in my abdomen that hurts when I sit up straight for more than a couple of minutes. Sometimes it twinges right away. I can’t seem to determine if it’s gynecological or gastrointestinal. We chased the gynecological theory for years, but my gastroenterologist was so dismissive and, frankly, rude, I’m not excited to try again. I mean, on FODMAP my inflammation issue is down, but the two spots of searing pain in my gut and my right lower abdomen are still present. The nausea has not gone away.

My friend has come and gone. We had such fun, and such a good chat. She lives an hour away, and is so kind to come visit me! She’s seeing her actual sister today, but had an extra couple of hours. I think we killed that and then some! Such good fun! I showed her part of my makeup collection. Silly bunny came to visit all made up! Who does that? I’ve actually resorted to storing my makeup in tubs. It’s just easier.

I love visiting, but I don’t love how tired it makes me, or how exhausted I get so quickly. I’m too young for this! I demand a recount!

We’ve made plans for next month. Visiting Bite Lip Lab, North America’s biggest Sephora is in Toronto, and lots more chatting. I have to rest up! Two venues? That is a tall order. I am excited to try!

It’s really nice being dressed. I feel so accomplished.

I haven’t been vaping the past few days, just using the marijuana oil at night. I’ve been worried about the vaping affecting my eye swelling flu thing, and been too nauseated to try, anyway. I’m hoping the pain in my back is ramping up only because of this, and not for some other fun reason. It is the most likely, however, hoof beats and all…

Hope my zebra pals had a peaceful day! 😘

5 thoughts on “Friends!

  1. Heeey. Sounds like things have been pretty hectic! Eesh.

    Now, I hate people diagnosing my problems as much as every bendy person, but I wanted to share my finding with you! I too suffer from odd abdominal pains and have previously proclaimed that i was pretty sure my ovary was going to explode. I had every gynae test going trying to look for answers. Eventually i think i’ve discovered the cause (don’t get your hopes up, i’ve not yet found a solution!) and thats my psoas muscle. It *always* gets mad when my SI joint is playing up.

    Again, totally might not be your problem, but if you’ve not read up on it, it might be worth a google. It can’t hurt, anyway! X

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    • I welcome well-informed opinions, and yours certainly qualifies! I haven’t Googled yet, but I was twinged to remember I overheard a murmur of a doctor mentioning an entrapped nerve possibly. I wonder if that would be the pain. Now, who would take on responsibility for that, I wonder. I have endometriosis, it could be adhesions, from my complicated c-section x2? Or my hack job of appendectomy, although a bit high. Thank you so much for this! I will add it to my list of possibles!


      • My wee mum (who is a yoga teacher, guess who gave me the bendy gene) is convinced it’s my psoas. Though, any way to stretch it is going to stretch all the muscles that are supporting my wibbly wobbly back. GRR.

        Sounds like you have a full spectrum of super not-fun possibilities.

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      • I will think about all those possibilities in the morning. I think I’m tired enough to sleep now! I’m such a helicopter mom! 😄 I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of these squishy moms! It’s like I don’t even know me! 🤔


      • I Googled this afternoon, and am feeling this is a distinct possibility. What is strange, is the pain feels close to the surface of my body? As opposed to deep within. But that means virtually nothing in the world of referred pain. 💜


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