Ugh. The Flu?


I woke up today feeling awful. It’s really a continuation of last night, but I sometimes just feel bad at the end of the day. My head is sore, sensitive to light, my eyes are crusty, and I ache all over, but not in the usual way. Oh, and food is disgusting. I’m nauseated. As soon as the kids are where they need to be, I will nap again. I couldn’t eat breakfast this morning, it repulsed me, and my coffee had been tasting funny the past couple of days. Usually happens when I’m not feeling well. I also get very raw and emotionally sensitive.


Valentine’s gifts from my family! Hershey’s Caramel Kisses, Conversation hearts, the cutest Starbucks mug, and some adorable tic tacs!


Closer look at the tic tacs. ❤

My headache is starting to return, so I should lie down. I have Tylenol complete capsules on hand, the cold and flu ones. Plenty of water, and some G2, which is FODMAP friendly Gatorade, essentially. I will let you know if there is any substantial change.

Stay hydrated, my stripey friends! 😘

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