Valentine’s Day!


Even though I was feeling crappy last night, I got a whole bunch of parcels together that I meant to send out weeks ago. My husband put them in the mail this morning. Saint! I just adore this man. He is so good to me. He even ran an errand for my Mother, which kind of started this whole thing of mailing stuff out, because my Mom is having a skin crisis, and can’t get out for a couple of weeks because of my Dad’s caregivers’ schedule.

I love Valentine’s day. I love everything heart-shaped, symbolic heart – not actual heart, of course! I’m quite a romantic. I adore chocolate and the whole idea. I also respect those who do not celebrate, who may not be enthusiastic about the holiday, but I was not expecting to find an anti-Valentine’s rant about it being a plain commercialized money grab and we should be loving everyone every day as my first Facebook greeting this morning. In other words, it’s still not a safe place.


I’m kind of embarrassed having feelings all over the place the past few days, but I can’t go on pretending I don’t. I’m feeling slightly better today, but I’m still raw. I need some bubble wrap for a while.

Remember how I mentioned my husband had an eye infection? It was really bad and the doctors have no idea how we don’t have it? I woke up this morning with my eye all red and pus-filled. I am going to take a Benedryl, see if that helps. It may be from crying. It may be because I let down my immune system enough that the infection came through. I was poking at it enough last night, I have no idea. It’s very sore and the light hurts.

My head is hurting, my neck is sore. I don’t feel quite so bad anymore. I’m healing. Rip and heal, rip and heal. That’s how we get stronger, right?

Stay beautiful, my Valentine Zebras! 😘

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