Canadians With Disabilities Act to Focus on Employment

Canadians with Disabilities Act to focus on employment: minister

This confuses me. As much as I would like to be able to work, I don’t think it’s likely anytime soon. The article also touches on the way to achieving employment for the disabled is by removing accessibility barriers. Is this poor reporting or true strategy?

The article claims that disabled unemployment is at 49%. How many people in this group are able to be employed? There are several challenges here. First, the stigma of employers in potentially hiring someone with a disability, the accessibility issues themselves, transportation issues are always a concern. Then there are other concerns. What about those who take on jobs and can’t handle them, or need leaves of absence? Will they be punished? Or can they resume their benefits? I give up my pension to take a job and get sick again, what happens? What about those who can’t work?

I was chatting with a lovely woman I met on Instagram, and she asked after me. I explained I was having stomach issues, and she asked if I had the flu. Even though I’ve explained my stomach bothers me because of Ehlers-Danlos, I don’t think she fathoms it. She also commented about ‘getting in a wheel chair and coming along’ which is great, but I don’t have the stamina. She isn’t ignorant or ableist, I just think she can’t wrap her head around what feeling like this all the time entails. I think we are making a ton of progress, but we aren’t just typical people who use wheelchairs. We are people who have unique needs. Needs like chronic pain and exhaustion and things like that, things people aren’t grasping yet.


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