Groundhog Day!


It’s been a long couple of days. I’m really tired, but I feel like I’ve been really productive. I received a box from Vox Box and Influenster, with Bite Beauty Lip Pencils to review! There are tasks to complete. It’s fun, actually! I belong to a couple of places where I review in exchange for products.

I bought some books last night, I have tons to read, I just don’t settle down to do so. Need to make time.

Bought some new pants that arrived yesterday.  One was a size 16! The other was a straight cut, so I bought an 18. I can’t believe they fit! I am down 100 lbs. Husband doesn’t understand why I wear jeans, but everything else is either too casual or too formal. Or it doesn’t reach my ankle. I found some nice joggers at the Gap. I’m kind of lumpy, so I like the structure of jeans, but they are stiff and uncomfortable.  I would like something forgiving.

I’m seeing the new doctor in the morning and then husband is off to the eye doctor. I guess I am seeing him about my sensitivity, but I will bring up the hand and wrist pain, because it’s bad. Still assume we have carpal tunnel. I should go and have a bath, but I’m tired and sore. Maybe rest first and then see. I’ll let you know how the doctor goes.

OK,  gotta rest my hands!

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