This Wasn’t the Distraction I Wanted


My husband has had a problem with a serious, painful, eye infection since October. Which, of course, is why I posted a photo of Marty Feldman from Young Frankenstein. Great movie. Anyway, this infection has been nasty, painful, and kind of gross. It turns his gorgeous deep blue eyes sort of icy, and then add the red…he looks like a serial killer in a horror movie

He also had cataract surgery in November. Or was it glaucoma surgery? He has both. He’s only 48, so it’s really unusual, but there’s a family history, plus he had this panic attack in August of 2015 that wasn’t..things weren’t right after. Because he is only 48 and still had vision, the Ontario government wouldn’t pay for it. So we could pay the ย $9,500 for surgery, or use the drops for two years until he hit fifty.

In Canada, the health care is controlled provincially, so what happens in one province may not happen in another. Also, if you spend something like (approximately) 4% of your income on medical expenses, you can claim them on your taxes. Well, that ends up pretty simple for us. With my son’s physical and emotional therapy for Aspergers, my daughter’s Aspergers emotional therapy, my emotional therapy, injection fees, braces, equipment, medicine that we pay for…I believe there is a $1,000 deductible before we get to 100% of our medications covered by our employer plan. So we get there pretty easily.

When my husband sought treatment originally, ย the doctor was alarmed. Husband had gone to our GP as our Eye Specialist was in Mexico volunteering, as he does every year. The GP remarked this was highly contagious and couldn’t believe nobody in the house had it. When the Eye Doctor returned 5 days later, husband was chastised for not going there first! ๐Ÿ˜„ We got some strong drops, the eyes cleared up and all was good.

The drops finished on Monday. Today at work, he texted me at 10:30 to let me know his eyes are bright red again. He called the doctor, the eye specialist, but can’t be seen until after 2:30. He waited and went straight there.

The doctor noticed he had swelling internal to his eyes, and gave him drops at 10x the strength. Husband has to go back on Friday after my appointment with my doctor. He explained the situation and is just going to get there when he gets there. I have some great community support here.

I was teasing my husband he was jealous of my infirmity and wanted to emulate it. He is so healthy and capable, this is a bit disconcerting. I hope this takes this time, I hate to see him in pain. He always hides it, but I know it’s bothering him.

Also, he’s been texting me all day, and I have been struggling to get something – anything! Done! ๐Ÿ˜‹

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