Impotent Rage


I’m sure you can probably guess what I’m annoyed about. A certain POTUS is being a giant idiot, and I am having a tougher and tougher time dealing with it. Let me explain.

It’s fairly easy to put your head down when you have a chronic illness, and keep your focus on your needs, focus on your family, focus on your next milestone. There is not a thing wrong with that. I think that is a phase we all go through, and it’s a healthy thing to do from time to time.

When the election campaign started for the 2016 election in the US, I didn’t pay much attention. After all, I’m Canadian. I held a passing interest as the global citizen I had always been, but then I started to shift. The current POTUS started saying some pretty sexist things as he was campaigning. Then some pretty outrageous and sexist things. By the time he was on to Nasty Woman in October, I was firmly with Her, and there I have remained.

Fortunately, I received an invitation to Pantsuit Nation after the horror of November 9th, and met some amazing, passionate people who care. I’ve made some very good friends! I have learned so much.

I don’t talk about politics much here, because it’s not relevant: it’s not important. Not usually. Right now, though, I am feeling shell-shocked. I haven’t felt this way since right after 9-11. I feel like I’m wandering in a daze whispering why?

But that’s not productive. What is enraging me the most are the people who are ignorant of the facts, who are acting as if this measure wasn’t taken, no vetting would be done. What I must do is step away, inform myself with reputable news sites, and stay away from comment sections.

Where my heart breaks the most, is my friends in the US who have similar physical challenges. While I whoop it up in Canada with socialized medicine and medical marijuana, people can’t see their doctors.

Every time I think about it I start eating cookies. That’s not good either. Maybe I should nap.

Wait: I have a better idea! Movie time..Name it!



7 thoughts on “Impotent Rage

  1. I’m in Indiana. So absolutely disgusting what’s become of our country. Completely ashamed of our state and its propulsion of Pence and like-minded ignorant bigots into the spotlight. I keep hoping we’ve simply reopened an old festering wound just so it can be properly cleansed and begin healing. Usually, though, I just hope for shit to start burning already.

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    • I completely hear this and agree. I try and tell myself things like – well, now the bigots are out in the open where we can see them! But it doesn’t work for long. I feel like an open, festering wound. I feel like I should focus on one aspect, but it’s tough. I’ve made some great friends, and that’s positive. We can all watch the world burn together.

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      • You know that old Drew Barrymore movie where she could start fires with her mind? I feel like I’m on the verge of spontaneously developing such an ability. That or I’ll just poof and die of spontaneous combustion after hearing/reading political BS.

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      • One of my favourite Stephen King books! Firestarter! Love it! I was just talking with my son about spontaneous combustion. I’m trying to remember to take breaks and regulated myself. Relax, look at pretty things. I haven’t had an aneurysm yet, I’ve stopped crying mostly, and the chest pains have mostly stopped.

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      • I took a hiatus from Facebook for a bit, and that helped. Then I purged all but 60 friends so I’d see much less drama. Still hard to keep from stabbing the screen, though. Xanax helps. 😉

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      • I feel like right now I have a good bunch of people. Lots of like minded people, all our politics match, no infighting, everyone is respectful. Three most dramatic is when people need money, and that’s common at the moment. It’s that people are interesting and I’m not getting anything done! 😁 but, I applaud you for taking a step back. Very necessary sometimes. Most of my drama is internal. I have two kids with Aspergers, and my husband has this weird eye infection. Nothing huge, but when the world feels so chaotic, it’s amplified. I did just tell my mom when she called I was grouchy and I would call her later this week. 😊

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