Botox for EDS Day Two


So here we are on day two. I fell into a deep sleep last night and felt like I had just closed my eyes when my alarm went off!

My right lower quadrant abdomen is so sore today! My son came up to hug me and I flinched so hard! My neck is really sore as I relax the muscles that were so tensed up all week. My back is still achy and I am praying the Botox takes full force this time!

I remembered just as I was falling asleep last night to ask my husband to put my heavy arm brace on me as he was coming to bed from brushing his teeth. That’s how tired and pathetic I was! He did it for me, he’s amazing! I don’t remember the end of it. My thumb is still really sore today, as is my elbow. I have to keep11s7ke7jcnxchs bracing! I need to ask for a referral again. When I was first diagnosed,  I asked to see a hand specialist. They set it up, but she retired. Nothing else happened after that.

The day after Botox I am usually tired and sore. Nausea kicks in. I am ready for a nap. I don’t think it will interfere with my sleep. There’s plenty exhaustion to go around.

I’m going to nap, have some snacks, and watch the HBO special on Slenderman.

I decided to start a second blog called I love makeup, it’s my hobby, so I though I could have some fun with this. I just wanted to test it out for a bit and see if I have enough spoons, first.  This blog will be my priority.

There was one funny thing from the hospital yesterday I forgot to share. Husband was helping me down the hall to the lounge where I could wait for him to get the car. I was a bit spacey and wobbly as the treatment was emotional and painful. We encountered two women, older than we are, using walkers. For some reason, they are circling each other as if in some elaborate dance. I try to pass one, the other cuts me off. I get by the next, her friend is right there. It did not seem to be coordinated, nor did these women seem to know each other, but it took my aching body nearly three minutes to get by them, because they seemed to be the only disabled people in the world! It was hilarious,  once I sat down. People really need to watch where they are, honestly. They seemed like bright women, just without a sense of what was going on around them.

Then I was watching for my husband out the window, I had turned around in my seat, and a woman stands in front of me and sticks her bum right in my face. I could have taken a bite had I a mind to do that sort of thing. 😂 Thank goodness for winter coats. I was so surprised! I really don’t get out much, do I? Just then my husband came around the corner with the car, so I could go. Escape!

I must be a terrible human being.

Happy happy safe at home!

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