Missing Out

pbnvdadnhoya4 Today I had to miss my dentist appointment.  I haven’t been to the dentist in almost a year, and I really need to have my teeth cleaned. Plus I need to have a new bite guard. I’m terrible with grinding my teeth. But, I am just aching too much, and I can’t do the flight and a half of stairs to the office. When I first called to make my initial appointment, they told me they were accessible. They are so good, though. And they do wonderful things like hitch me on to my husband’s and son’s appointments, so if I need to cancel it isn’t a big deal. The dentist also knew about EDS, and has knowledge of current pain management techniques. He’s so good!

My wrist and elbow have been really been bothering me lately, and I finally put on my arm brace overnight. The big, heavy one made by the physiotherapist. The one that goes from fingertip to just before my elbow, and I feel so much better today! Some days are smarter than others. But sleeping in all that junk is tough. I don’t know if I could sleep in both of them.

Husband has some vacation time to use up, so he took today off. He usually uses his time to take us to appointments, so he was surprised by extra time. I feel awful that I slept all day. Poor guy was so bored! It’s good for him, though.

My marijuana doctor has decided to move to another area of care, so I have to start with another. I’m nervous. I can stay with the practice, but it is somewhat inconvenient to get to, and it has an air of being for-profit. But can we get away from that? I see my Pain Management doctor tomorrow, so we need to talk. Also, husband has mentioned that if I say Botox isn’t working in my back, they may discontinue it altogether. This would be disastrous. Right now I consider myself to be coming off the Botox. I can barely move. When I have some in me, I get at least 6 or 7 pretty good weeks. I’m not out dancing, but I can occasionally do stuff, more so in summer than winter. But to lose it would be devastating.

I will need to tread carefully.

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