Ultimate Lazy Sunday


Today did not work out as planned. I had every intention of actually accomplishing things today, but I only got to a few of them before the nap monster caught me.

It really started last night. My husband and I planned to snuggle. I know what that means on the Simpsons, but to us, that means actually hugging each other, talking, spending time together. I’m too sore for much else. At about 6, I started getting nauseated and hot, and my head hurt. I couldn’t eat, and finally took some Gravol and calmed down my body’s reaction. My body was so cranky, I couldn’t bear to wear clothes.

I set my alarm on the weekends, as there have too many weekends I’ve slept until mid afternoon. No one around here can bear to wake me up. So my son (he’s 12) came and sat with me for a while. He wanted to cuddle, but I could only let him put his head on my shoulder. My body just hurts so much. I finally had to go back to sleep. I ended up sleeping for another 4 hours. I’m ready to go back.

This pain is making me so tired. Two more sleeps until treatment.  Or just one if I sleep right through!


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