Via Giphy

My husband decided to work at home yesterday, and around midday there was a knock at the door. All I had heard was some muffled talking, the door shutting, and peals of laughter.

Apparently, the FedEx driver had noticed the street name on the parcel she was delivering and automatically assumed it was for our house, or more specifically, me. In fact, he claims, the house is a regular spot on the route. She didn’t check the house number or name, though.  Not for us at all.

I swear, I don’t order THAT much stuff, but almost everything I need, I do have to order. Why? Because I don’t have the strength to traipse around a mall or store to get what I need. On good days, I like nothing better than to get out of the house and visit a store and wander around. But it needs to meet some criteria: it has to be easily accessed, close to parking, easily navigated, places to sit, and not in a mall. Otherwise, I need to use a wheelchair, and we’ve done that, and had a wonderful time.

It would be fun to take a half day on a weekend and do that sometimes. It’s hard when I’m not able to help much with chores, the weekend is the time when those need to be addressed. Laundry, groceries, cleaning, tidying. With two kids just into their teens, they need their rest and have homework and chores. It’s awfully busy around here!

The challenge is, my husband is already quite busy. He has an important job, and looks after our kids much of the time, in the physical sense. Because he does things like pick up my prescription drugs, (I don’t drive because of my medication,  can’t take public transport because of the pain, they won’t deliver because of the nature of the medication). So while he’s busy doing things for me and the family, I try and do much online as I can when I’m up to it as I can.

The way it ends up working is,  my husband described it so well, he said I’m the head and heart of the family and he’s the arms and legs.  I think we share a head, because we agree on almost everything. How to run the family, anyway.

So, we get a lot of packages, I suppose, but we really make it work for us. Working in the financial industry helps, too, because we’ve been able to adopt early, knowing how online shopping works and how to discern safe shopping sites, etc.

Well, after convincing my husband it must have been based on the influx of parcels over Christmas, I settle in to check my email. To my horror, I discovered a shipping notification from FedEx regarding the neck pillow I ordered on Monday. This isn’t going look so good! 😁

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