The Januaries

Winter is always tough. Especially in Canada. I’m fortunate to live in a city, a city where snowplows are a necessity. Not having to work is a blessing, because when I get cold, I ache all over. Add to this the plethora of sneezing, and I tend to stay indoors, because when I get a cold or flu it can take 6 to 10 weeks to get completely over. The sickness lasts about two weeks, but the weakness lasts another month or so. It’s that autoimmune thing, ya know?

It isn’t just the cold temperature, however. We are expecting snow tonight, which is a nice break from the freezing temperatures we’ve had. It needs to be around 0C (32F) to snow. It’s expected to be up to 10C (50F) in a couple of days, and by Saturday,  return to a low of -10C (14F) Today is Monday.

All this temperature variation and changes in pressure make my joints and muscles ache! I try and keep myself distracted by doing fun things as much as possible, but occasionally I just have to take a nap.

That makes January a great time for reading, spending the day on Facebook, learning a new computer language, building blanket forts, watching trashy TV, or catching up on rest!

How do you deal with the Januaries?

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